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Sherlock & Watson True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side.

So I was sitting in class today when this happened

  • One of our math problems was one of those really basic algebra equations, and we had to solve the angles for X. It looked like this: 2x=138 (You can probably see where this is going) I solved it and the answer, lo and behold was 69. And because I'm so immature, I started snickering softly to myself. And not a second later the kid next to me goes:
  • Kid: Number 10? You just solved it didn't you?
  • Me: *Nods and emits a noise that sounds like a squashed hyena*
  • Other kid: Really guys? Number 10? You're so immature. It's only a number.
  • Friend behind me: God, you're like a bunch of 6th graders.
  • Original kid: Funny, because we're in 9th grade now...
  • All of us: ...
  • All of us: OMG 69 *Everyone starts laughing like a bunch of banshees*


Free for all world

Unfairness running rampant

Stay with me while you still can

Before they rise to claim us

Until then, hold on tight to your dreams

For this is a free for all world